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Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design

Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design

    • Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design
    • Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design
    • Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design
  • Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: QIYAO
    Certification: ISO, ASME, API

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: Customized Product, Quoted Case By Case
    Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing
    Delivery Time: 36 - 48 weeks
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: over 20 sets per year
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Funtions: Safety Measurs Under Emergency Conditions And Friendly To Environment
    Applications: Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical Industries Available Service: Design, Supply, Site Supervision On Erection, Commissioning, Training.
    Category: Elevated / Ground Flare Tip: Air Assistant, Air Force Draft, Sonic, Etc.
    Projects Completed: Over 400 Sets Packing: Seaworthy Packing
    High Light:

    enclosed ground flare design


    flare combustion systems

    Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design


    Flare System is to handle the discharged combustible gas under the conditions of normal operation, start-up, shut-down and emergencies, which ensure the gas to be flared out instantaneously, safely and reliably and to meet the demand of environmental protection.


    Flare System is a kind of safety equipment comprised of pipeline, knock out device, fire retardant equipment, flare burner, ignition system, flare riser and other components.


    Flare Categories:

    * Based on the vent gas media’s physical parameters (mainly for toxicity of the vent gas media), discharge pressure, flow rate and so on, the flare shall be divided into two categories – elevated flare and ground flare.


    * The elevated flare, based on the support way, shall be divided into self-supported flare, inhaul supported flare and derrick supported flare. The derrick supported flare, based on types of the riser to be fixed, shall be divided into fixed derrick supported flare, demountable derrick supported flare.


    * The ground flare, based on vent gas treatment capacity, shall be divided into enclosed ground flare and open ground flare.


    * Based on structure of flare burner, the flare shall be divided into steam-assist flare, forced draft assist flare, defused flare, LHV flare, multi-hole collision flare, sonic flare, etc.


    Options of flare types

    Elevated flare Ground flare

    ▽ Media attribute: unlimited


    ▽ Industry: unlimited

    ▽ Capacity: unlimited

    ▽ Media attribute: The media which is no extremely harmful.

    ▽ Industry: mainly focus on chemical field

    ▽Capacity: up to 150t/h for enclosed ground flare and unlimited for open flare


    Options of support way for elevated flare system:

    Self-supported Inhaul Derrick supported
    Fixed flare Demountable flare

    ▽Industry: Natural gas processing plant


    ▽Capacity: small

    ▽Height: not higher than 20m





    ▽Capacity: small

    ▽Height: up to 40m.

    ▽Industry: refinery, coal-chemical, LNG, off-shore, etc.

    ▽Capacity: large

    ▽Height: 40-160m

    ▽Application: The devices matching up the flare system need “same-time start-up & shut-down”

    ▽Industry: refinery, coal-chemical, LNG, off-shore, etc.

    ▽Capacity: large

    ▽Height: 40-160m

    ▽Application: The devices matching up multi sets of flare system can’t be “same-time start-up & shut-down”, need to reserve extra flare system for expansion and save land investment.




    Options of ground flare system

    Enclosed ground flare system Open ground flare system

    ▽ Media attribute: toxic flare gas, but not extremely or highly harmful

    ▽ Industry: focus on chemical industry

    ▽Capacity: not exceed 150t/h for single stack

    ▽Discharge pressure: up to 10kpag within BL (subject to the media)

    ▽Capacity: unlimited


    ▽Discharge pressure: up to 80kpag within BL (subject to the media)



    Options of flare burner


    Steam assist type Forced draft type Diffused type LHV type Multi-hole collision type Sonic type




    Heavy Hydrocarbon

    Discharge pressure: lower, need assist for smokeless combustion

    ▽Utility: Steam available



    Media: Heavy Hydrocarbon

    Discharge pressure: lower, need assist for smokeless combustion

    Utility: Non-steam

    Location: applicable for cold area.

    Industry :

    Coal chemical




    Media: LHV or hard-combustible media like sour gas or ammonia


    Natural gas

    Media: Light hydrocarbon composition


    Off-shore platform



    Discharge pressure: Higher





     Working principle / flow process

    Ground Flare System: The combustible gas is discharged from production equipment, flows into the battery limit of flare through vent pipe network, flows into the knock-out drum for separation of liquid drops probably contained in vent gas, flows into the water seal drum and breaks through the water seal, and then flows into main gas gathering pipe. Based on the pressure of vent gas inside the main pipe, the control valves on various staged branches are automatically opened to match up the flow rate of flare gas and ensure the burners of corresponding branches to burn smokeless under some higher pressure. The burners corresponding to the staged branches are arranged inside the enclosed chamber or fence, so the flame is invisible from outside. The safety protection devices, such as rupture disks or rupture pin valves etc., are arranged on the bypass of the branches to ensure safety.


    Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design



    Process Data  
    Flow rate of flare gas (min/normal/max)  
    Composition of flare gas  
    Temperature of discharged gas (℃)  
    Back pressure of flare battery limit (Kpa)  
    Utility Data  
    Source of fuel gas  
    Pressure & temperature of fuel gas  
    Consumption of fuel gas (Nm3/h)  
    Purge gas Nitrogen
    Pressure & temperature of purge gas  
    Consumption of purge gas (Nm3/h)  
    Pressure & temperature of steam  
    Consumption of steam  
    Instrument air  
    Pressure & temperature of instrument air  
    Power supply 380VAC / 50Hz / PH3
    Site Condition  
    Ambient condition (design/operation)  
    Min temperature  
    Max temperature  
    Max wind speed  
    Main wind direction (Y/N) / direction  
    Max solar radiation (W/m2)  
    Flare radiation plus solar radiation (Y/N)  
    Technical Requirement  
    Design code & standard API537 / API521
    Flare type

    Elevated flare: self-supported / inhaul / fixed derrick supported / demounted derrick supported

    Ground flare: enclosed / open

    Aircraft warning light (Y/N)  
    Smokeless combustion (Y/N)  
    Method of smokeless combustion Steam / forced draft
    Requirement for thermal radiation  
    Max ground thermal radiation  
    Allowed thermal radiation at *m from sterile limit  
    Requirement for noise  
    Near the bottom of flare riser: xxdBA  
    At *m from flare riser: xxdBA  
    Type of burner Steam assist
    Design temperature(℃)/pressure(Kpag) 1200 / Atmospheric
    Spec (Dia/H)  
    Material 310/304
    Outlet Mach number  
    Resistance drop (Kpag)  
    Flame stabilizer ring  
    Smoke elimination measures Steam assist / forced draft
    Size of smoke elimination interface  
    Service life  
    Molecular Seal  
    Type Dynamic seal
    Design temperature(℃)/pressure(Kpag) 1200 / Atmospheric
    Spec (Dia/H)  
    Material 304
    Resistance drop (Kpag)  
    Service life  
    Flare Riser  
    Design temperature(℃)/pressure(Kpag) 200 / Atmospheric
    Spec (Dia/H)  
    Resistance drop (Kpag)  
    Service life  
    Pilot & Ignition System  
    Pilot Qty  
    Type Energy-saving
    Method of flame detection Thermocouple / Ultraviolet ray
    Type of ignition (manual / automatic) Sky ignition + Inner flame ignition
    Service life  
    Water Seal Drum  
    Type Full water seal / semi water seal
    Design temperature(℃)/pressure(Kpag)  
    Spec (Dia/H)  
    Height of water seal  
    Service life  
    Knock-out Drum  
    Design temperature(℃)/pressure(Kpag)  
    Spec (Dia/H)  
    Ability of knock out  
    Service life  
    Aircraft Warning  
    Color / Type (flash / beacon / paint)  
    Demountable (Y/N)  
    Code of painting  



    1. Use international engineering software like FLARESIM, FLARENET, FLUENT, etc.;

    2. Own combustion test platform to simulate combustion conditions based on various types of flare gas;

    3. Own numbers of patent technologies and know-how;

    4. Have professional engineering design qualification;

    5. Have high-qualified engineering design team & research and development team;

    6. Have plentiful and comprehensive experiences of engineering construction;

    7. Have professional & high efficient after-sale service system.


    Typical Project

    40,000,000T/y Refining & Chemical Integration Project, at Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

    4 sets of Open Ground Flare System shall be arranged for Phase #1 of the project:

    Ethylene Ground Flare: 1931.8t/h, fence – 155*136m H15m, burner – 1164 units

    Chemical Ground Flare: 1958.9t/h, fence – 166*105m H15m, burner – 1017 units

    PX Ground Flare: 2144t/h, fence – 78*117*145m H15m, burner – 775 units

    Styrene Ground Flare: 2369t/h, fence – 145*110m, H15m, burner – 901 units


    Typical Clients

    Client Project Reference Data
    Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Ground Flare System for 40,000,000T/y Refining & Chemical Integration Project Phase #1 4 sets of Open Ground Flare System
    Zhongan Allied Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Coal-to-methanol and Olefin Conversion Project

    Demountable flare:



    CNOOC Huizhou Refinery 22,000,000T/y Refining Project

    Demountable flare:

    2*DN1300+DN400, H140m

    PKOP Chimkent Refinery, Kazakhstan Refining Upgrade Project

    Demountable elevated flare:

    2*DN1300+DN400, H140m

    Sinopec-Mitsui, Shanghai 400,000T/y Phenol Acetone Unit 2 sets of Enclosed Ground Flare System
    China Shenhua Coal-Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Coal Chemical Corp. 680,000T/y New Coal-based Material Project

    Fixed Elevated Flare:

    2*DN1800+DN800+2*DN500, H150m

    Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 12,000,000T/y Refining Project

    Fixed Elevated Flare:

    DN1200+DN1600+DN700, H140m


    Patent Technology:

    l Demountable & common derrick elevated flare and its assembly & disassembly system (Utility Model Patent No.ZL200620048466.X)

    l The Assembly & disassembly system of demountable & common derrick elevated flare and its method of assembly & disassembly (Invention Patent No.ZL200610119032.9)

    l Staged discharge combustion system for combustible waste gas (Utility Patent No.ZL200620048087.0)

    l Staged discharge combustion system for combustible waste gas and its method of usage method (Invention Patent No.ZL200610118674.7)

    l Steam-assist flare burner (Invention Patent No.ZL200610118675.1)

    l Water seal structure for flare system (Invention Patent No.ZL200810041594.5)

    l Open ground flare (Utility Model Patent No.ZL201020529360.8)

    l Multi-side demountable & common derrick elevated flare (Utility Model Patent No.ZL201120233838.7)

    l New large stream of enclosed ground flare (Utility Model Patent No.ZL201120227204.0)



    Smokeless Enclosed Ground Flare Design / Flare Knockout Drum Design




    Contact Details
    Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute

    Contact Person: Mrs. Tan Ling

    Tel: 86-21-51151156

    Fax: 86-21-51711742

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