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High efficiency waste water incinerator with acceptable emission value

High efficiency waste water incinerator with acceptable emission value

High efficiency waste water incinerator with acceptable emission value

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regenerative thermal oxidizer


rto thermal oxidizer

Waste Water Thermal Oxidizer (Incinerator)


Capacity: 0~30,000kg/h

Method of treatment: Thermal Oxidization

Applications: Treatment of various types of waste water generated from chemical plants, refineries and other facilities.



Waste Water Thermal Oxidizer is to handle the organic compositions contained in waste liquid by means of thermal oxidization, which converts the compositions of C and H contained in the organics into the pollution-free compositions: CO2 and H2O. The temperature of incineration shall be controlled between 950-1100℃. A waste heat boiler is arranged for the incinerated flue gas to recover steam. In order to save fuel consumption, the air to be combusted is usually preheated up to 300-400℃.

The waste water is atomized and introduced into the combustion chamber, where the liquid drop is atomized between 50μ~100μ. Based on the characteristic of waste liquid, the compressed air atomization, steam atomization or mechanical atomization shall be selected.

Due to the low heat value of waste water, the arrangement of chamber, waste water spray gun and fuel spray nozzle shall be specially considered for large stream of waste water thermal oxidizer to make sure that the sprayed waste water is promptly vaporized and combusted inside the chamber and the good temperature field is established.

According to different heat value and composition of waste water, the targeted measures are applied to ensure the standard emission of NOx, by means of waste water graded, air graded and SNCR or SCR denitrification device and etc.



  1. High efficiency of treatment: Up to 99.99% on decomposition ratio of waste gas treatment;
  2. Customized process: Always most suitable solution to be provided for clients;
  3. Low NOx combustion technology: To ensure standard emission;
  4. High level modularized design;
  5. Flexible heat recovery method: To produce steam, preheat waste gas, conductive oil, etc.;
  6. Advanced design software: To simulate temperature field and velocity field of the chamber by means of simulation design


High efficiency waste water incinerator with acceptable emission value


Project:50,000ton/y MMA plant waste water incinerator

Owner:Dongming Huayi Yuhuang New Material Co., Ltd.

Location: ShanDong Heze


Basic parameters:

Waste Water :16.027t/h

Waste liquid:333.8kg/h

Waste gas:2580kg/h

NG consumption:1755kg/h

Steam produced: 19.75t/h (1.22MPa 191℃)

External saturated steam: 38.0t/h (3.5MPaG 244℃)

Outcome Superheated steam: 38.0t/h (3.3MPaG 400℃)

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